You Can't Scan My Poker Face

The poker cheating devices detect playing cards with infrared camera lens. Whether to play at a land based or online casino, Baccarat is one of the most popular and rewarding games available and thanks to the house edge that is lower than most of the other card and table games, it has fast become a favorite of many High Roller and VIP players.
Poker scanner camera can be phone scanning camera, car key barcode reader camera, poker table scanner, lighter playing cards camera, chip tray poker camera, mobile power bank card cheating equipment, clothes button camera, shuffler cards reader camera and so on, this we call short distance camera, normally their scanning distance is 8-20 cm, 20-40 cm, 40-60 cm, 60- 80 cm, 80-100 cm. These poker scanner cameras need to be put on the table, some people also call them poker table scanner.
It is one of the useful marked cards poker lenses, can be used easily, just need to wear the infrared contact or marked cards sunglasses, and then you can see the marking playing cards. You can install the camera kumar hileleri in somewhere that can read the cards, with various options, such as surveillance cameras, TV camera, stereo scanner; you can also put the camera in the ceiling, just need to make sure that it can work well.

Our cards come in best quality. This type of contact lenses is suitable for all color of the eyes. Emergency light infrared poker scanning camera can also be processed for bar-code marked cards. If you have a big loan or debt burden, or you have no way to pay this, and then use our K.K Poker Cheating Contact Lenses in Gambling.
Invisible kit playing cards is infrared glasses that see invisible ink, and can use card marking ink to write. Infrared contact lenses and marked cards is a kind of magic marked deck of cards, it is more practical than ordinary marked poker cards. You just need to open the scanner camera, after the camera scans the barcode marked cards, it will transfer data to analyzer, and then you can use an earpiece to get the results.

When you wear the poker cheat contact lenses, you will be able to see the marks on the back of the playing cards. After the research, we develop new and latest Spy Cheating Playing Cards in India at cheap prices. K.K Spy Marked Playing Cards are made with advanced and latest technology.
It is possible to do this magic swiftest see playing cards lens camera tricks for barcode marking poker cards with invisible ink to Society Poker Tour, all kinds of Casino poker games or magic indicate of marked invisible luminous ink playing cards. Additionally, we recreated the image of circle contact lenses in vitro.
The blue invisible ink playing cards contact lenses are specially designed for the users of blue color eyes. The total MRI scanning time was 8 minutes. And, as most of our sellers offer free shipping - we think you'll agree that you're getting this contact lenses for poker at one of the best prices online.

Throughout the world players use these lenses to cheat in all card gambling games and to become wealthier in fraction of seconds. The infrared marked cards, many companies are in the sales, but the marked playing cards that most companies sold, the quality is not good.
Poker Size Cards 3.5" x 2,5". The court in Grasse heard how Stefano Ampollini, 56 - code name Parmesan - turned up to "Les Princes" casino in the Mediterranean resort in August 2011, wearing a set of infra-red contact lenses purchased online from China for 2,000 euros.

Several types of colored contact lenses are available and some of manufactures have revealed the contents, to some extent. Later, when the first designs appeared on the backs of poker cards, cheats began altering the designs on the backs of cards, marked cards magic tricks.

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